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How to use this tool?

  • Type or select one or more indicators (e.g. "HIV prevalence among sex workers").
  • Type or select one or more areas, cities, states, countries in Asia and Pacific (e.g. "India").
  • Type or select one or more year or year ranges, starting from 1971. (Optional)
  • You can see the results in the "Data View" or by clicking the "Chart View" tab.
  • Your selected parameters on the left side of the screen are modifiable: check or uncheck the "Selected parameters" on the left pane will update the results automatically. You can press "Reset" to start a new search.
  • On the "Chart View", you can compare multiple series in one chart by selecting a variable from a drop-down list in "Compare series", and you can filter the chart parameters by using "Filter series by".
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